Vivid Consortium Waterproofing System permanently waterproofs and preserves concrete, brick, block and all masonry surfaces & structures in one easy application. Vivid Consortium Waterproofing System is manufacture using advanced Polymerised Polyester Polymer technology.

Vivid Consortium Waterproofing System is one of the most accredited waterproofing products in today's market with a wide and diverse range of International test conforming to International Standards ranging from ASTM (American Society for the Testing of Materials) British Standards, Australian Standards and Malaysian Sirim QAS testing with more standards being approved and certified every year.

Vivid Consortium Waterproofing System is unlike any other waterproofing material currently available. Vivid Consortium is NOT A MEMBRANE but penetrates deep into concrete, brick, block, plaster and all masonry materials, forming a plastic layer deep within all masonry whilst combining all component parts of the masonry into one single dense mass.

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