Welcome to Vivid Consortium

Vivid Consortium is one of the leading organisation in performing eco-friendly non toxic, non flammable & biodegradable cleaning,
& waterproofing system.

Concrete Cleaner

  • Removes grease, oil, fats & chemicals
  • Excellent for factories, workshops, garages & etc
  • Restores old concrete back to new

Waterproofing Services

  • Concrete & masonry cleaner
  • Removing rust marks, battery acid staining and masonry stains

Efflorescence Remover

  • Removes "Primary Efflorescence" (white fluffy powder)
  • Apply Vivid Consortium Waterproofing System after efflorescence removal to prevent efflorescence from returning

Brick Tile Cleaner

  • Remove stubborn oil, grease, fats & chemical stains
  • Easy to use with no mixing required